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The Theatre of Open-Hearted is a socially important humanitarian project. Its initiators aim at developing a permanent art-therapy centre.

The Theatre of Open-Hearted is intended as a base for social adaptation and creative interaction between people with limited capabilities and society.

The prospective development plan of the Theatre includes creation of joint plays, consulting services, promotion of art-therapy methods in Russia and CIS, tours, information and dissemination activities, publishing, creation of a TV programme devoted to the life of mentally disabled people in the society, uniting of various professionals to provide mentally disabled people with most effective assistance, and invitation of leading specialists in therapeutic pedagogy to develop new art therapy methodology for people with mental disabilities.

Р?РіРѕСЂСЊ РќР•РИПОКОЕВ Igor Neupokoev (director)

Is a professional theatre and movie actor who has extensive experience of working with mentally disabled children. In 1998-99, he headed the staging of “Thumbelina” by H. Andersen. The work on the play and the opening night took place in the health centre Oka in the Moscow region. The work was highly estimated by experts specializing on children suffering from the Down syndrome. In 1999, Mr. Neupokoev created a laboratory theatre, which was later named the Theatre of the Open-Hearted. As of now, 17 children with the Down syndrome study at this studio.

Сергей МАКАРОВ Sergei Makaroff (born 1966)

In a tough situation when the performance premiere was facing cancellation, Sergei turned into playing the major role of Captain Kopeikin, that he continues to successfully play nowadays. Sergei played one of the major roles in the film of «Starukhi (Old Wives)» and together with director G.Sidoroff won the grand prix of Cinemataurus film festival in Sochi — the Golden Rose. In tough conditions of a cinema expedition in a lost village of Kostroma Sergei appeared to be the most disciplined and the most patient actor. The international association of »Silviscs» has included Sergei into their list of 11 Most Famous People of the Planet with Disabilities.

Р”Ршитрий ПОЛЯКОВ Dmitry Polyakov (born 1963)

Once acted as an artist»s model in a Rauf Mamedoff»s project, plays piano and flute and solely acts in performances organized by the Association of the Down Syndrome. Dmitry writes lyrical and patriotic poems and enjoys reading everything connected with the last Russian Emperor.

Руслан ВАНЯН Ruslan Vanyan (born 1982)

Plays several roles in the performance of »Prikhodite… Zavtra (Come… Tomorrow)» each of which reveals his brilliant and exploding energy. Ruslan knows all of the performance by heart and unlike some other actors is never late for his plays.

Мария НЕФЕДОВА Maria Nefyedova (born 1969)

Considers music to be her passion; Maria plays flute, currently is learning English, travels a lot, takes interest in equestrian sport and folklore, dances a sole Gipsy dance in Association of Down Syndrome concerts.

Елена Р§РИРњРђРљРћР’Рђ Helen Chumakova (born 1974)

Plays the famous Alenka in the radio show of »House 7, Entrance 4» (an Independent Radio Fund production) broadcasted by the »Russia» radio station. Helen met many famous Moscow actors while working for the show and currently she visits many performances that her friends act in; nonetheless, she considers her work in the Theater of Open Hearted to be her number one priority in life as at the present time she is vigorously rehearsing a major role in a new performance. Helen has recently moved into new apartments with her mother, and even when she recalls that to be her most cares Helen considers the Theater of Open Hearted to be her true home, just where her drama talent has been realized.

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  1. Автор: Lucy Wilke

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am Lucy Wilke from the department of cultural affairs of Munich,
    Germany. I am head of a research project on Disability in the Performing
    Arts in Europe.
    This project involves creating a database to provide an overview. The
    idea is to also improve the networking of theater groups and
    institutions which support them.
    Therefore I turn to you to learn more about your institution but also about
    the general situation in Russia (cultural promotion, other groups,
    political situation, etc.). We prepared a short questionnaire that I would like to
    send you. If you would find the time to answer
    it, this would be a great help to us.
    Thank you very much in advance.

    With best regards from Munich
    Lucy Wilke

  2. Автор: Adriana

    Good morning,

    My name is Adriana Pérez, I’m responsible for content in Inclús, Barcelona Internacional Disability Film Festival. This year runs the 5th edition from the 28th November to 3rd December at CaixaForum in Barcelona.

    The reason for this email is that we think that it would be very interesting if you participate in the audiovisual contest with the film «Theatre for open hearted» because it would make such a good impact in our public.

    We include a link to our website so you can see how to subscribe to our festival contest (Festhome, ClickforFestival o FilmFreeway) if you find it of your interest.

    For any questions we are at your disposal.

    Thank you.

    Adriana Pérez Villa
    Responsable de Contenidos del Inclús, Festival Internacional de Cine y Discapacidad de Barcelona

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